Build wireless, web-enabled projects in minutes.

Hand holding a Pinoccio Scout wireless Internet of Things microcontroller
Pinoccio wireless WiFi microcontroller for wireless DIY hardware projects

Quickly prototype ideas.

We've built this system so you can get right to the fun stuff. Pinoccio talks to the Web wirelessly right out of the box, and runs on a long-lasting rechargeable LiPo battery.

Preview of Pinoccio dashboard showing map view

Control projects from anywhere.

Log in to Pinoccio HQ to access your project. Check battery levels. See current and historical sensor readings. Turn pins on and off. Create rules for SMS alerts.

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Preview of Pinoccio dashboard showing web-based microcontroller monitoring and data visualizing

Build apps from real-world data.

Web Developer? Cool, Pinoccio is the easiest way to start working with hardware. Code in a familiar syntax with a REST-based API, and push updates over-the-air.

Diagram of Pinoccio wireless microcontrollers communicating via mesh networking and to the Web

Stupid easy mesh networking.

Mesh networking is baked right into Pinoccio. One Lead Scout can connect a bunch of Field Scouts to the Web. Scouts in the same Troop talk to each other locally over mesh.

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