Pinoccio Library Now Public

by Eric on

Well, as we get into the final few things before we ship, our Pinoccio Arduino library is now stable enough to open it up to the world.  Have a look if you’re curious as to how we’re approaching all the code: Documentation is getting close to being done as well, and we’ll release that […]


Testing Before Shipping

by Eric on

A lot has happened with the Pinoccio team over the last couple of months. We’ve been very heads-down in trying to get our first run of boards out to our crowdfunding campaign backers. We’ve also spent a lot of time working to build up our team from just Sally and I to a team of […]

Sneak Peek at the Pinoccio API

by Sally on

Pinoccio API video from Eric on Vimeo.


Crowd-funding Survival Guide: Part 3 – During your Campaign

by Sally on

You’ve read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, right? Cool. Your campaign is now live, what can you expect? What we want is for you to be busy busy busy managing your campaign. As we discussed in Part 2, you’ve prepared canned responses to common questions, and you’re using a tool like Reamaze […]


Hardware is Hard

by Eric on

As you know, we’re in the phase of manufacturing where we’re getting our boards certified via FCC. This entails three main steps. First, we send our boards off to our brilliant RF engineer pal who tunes the Pinoccio radios with very accurate measurement equipment. Next, the RF engineer prescreens the Pinoccio boards with additional equipment, […]

Rambo prepares for his crowd-funding campaign

Crowd-funding Survival Guide: Part 2 – How to Prepare for your Campaign

by Sally on

In Part 1 of this series, I talked about the benefits of crowd-funding, and why we chose to use IndieGogo for our campaign. Now let’s talk about your campaign’s pre-launch preparations. There’s a lot of stuff you need to set up before you begin your campaign. If all goes well, you are going to be […]

Crazy Dad

Why Dad is my Personal Maker Archetype

by Eric on

One of the most interesting things that continues to amaze me in the world of the Maker Movement, is how there can emerge a “thing” that comes out of “no-thing.” For instance, we’re currently working on getting proper test jigs built for Pinoccio, so that when manufacturing is underway, we can test and program each […]

Simpsons Mob

Crowd-funding Survival Guide: Part 1

by Sally on

We wrapped a successful crowd-funding campaign a few months ago and I wanted to share some tips for running your own campaign — things we wish we had known when we started ours. I’m going to do a series of short posts, using quick lists to touch on a number of different ideas without going […]


A single protocol for the Internet of Things?

by Eric on

We continue to have discussions with friends and colleagues around the idea of defining a protocol for the Internet of Things. Many people are working on a lot of different approaches to this, and I think there’s validity in a lot of the effort there. We spoke to this point a bit last week at […]

pinoccio make editor choice award

Maker Faire and Hardware Innovation Workshop WRAPPED!

by Eric on

Wow.  Simply, wow. This year was the most amazing, most fulfilling, most exhausting, and most inspiring week we’ve had since starting down the road of bringing Pinoccio to life, a little over a year ago. We met many backers of our Indiegogo campaign, we were introduced to new ideas, potential partners, new friends, and amazing […]

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