Pinoccio is Moving to Crowd Supply!

by Jake Ingman on

This past March, we changed gears a bit and became Filament, where we’re focused on building a secure wireless infrastructure for the “Industrial Internet”. Since then, we’ve searched for the best path forward for Pinoccio’s open source products, customers, and community. Today, we’re excited to announce that Pinoccio has a new home at Crowd Supply! You […]

The Future of Pinoccio – UPDATED

by Eric on

(UPDATED: We have pushed the date for HQ and API support up through December 31st, 2015) Many of you in our community have been asking about availability of Pinoccio Scouts, and also about the future of Pinoccio as a company. This post intends to answer those questions. When Sally and I first founded Pinoccio, we […]

Wireless Doorbells: 117 Years of Awesome

by Alex Glowaski on

Public domain image poached from Wikipedia Eric recently shared this tidbit of historical context: “Random historical fact of the day–The very first use case for radio was the wireless doorbell! …In 1897!” He’s right, of course: “Marconi’s early apparatus was a development of Hertz’s laboratory apparatus into a system designed for communications purposes. At first, Marconi […]

Every Scout is a Lead Scout, with Bridge Mode!

by Alex Glowaski on

(In terms of WiFi, anyway.) With our latest firmware update, you no longer need a Lead Scout in order to connect a mesh network (troop) to the Internet. Just plug one of your Field Scouts into a computer and tell it: “Bridge!” …Well, okay, it takes a little more than that. But not much: just make […]

Our Latest Update Makes Troop Commands Way, Way Easier

by Alex Glowaski on

The next time you update your Scouts, you’ll have access to a new, super-powered method of controlling one Scout (or your whole troop) from a single node. Now, you can send direct, intuitive commands to your whole troop, just as if you were talking to each Scout directly. Nifty! Here, take it for a spin–try these commands out on […]

Pinoccio is live! // Bay Area Maker Faire

by Alex Glowaski on

What has nine heads, a thousand telepathic brains, and a single dream? Picture courtesy of Frank Our team celebrated opening up preorders with a whirlwind weekend at Maker Faire. Pinoccio has now shipped to our IndieGogo backers, and will ship soon to those who have pre-ordered boards through our new online shop. Thanks to everyone who visited our […]

Pinoccio Library Now Public

by Eric on

Well, as we get into the final few things before we ship, our Pinoccio Arduino library is now stable enough to open it up to the world.  Have a look if you’re curious as to how we’re approaching all the code: Documentation is getting close to being done as well, and we’ll release that […]


Testing Before Shipping

by Eric on

A lot has happened with the Pinoccio team over the last couple of months. We’ve been very heads-down in trying to get our first run of boards out to our crowdfunding campaign backers. We’ve also spent a lot of time working to build up our team from just Sally and I to a team of […]

Sneak Peek at the Pinoccio API

by Sally on

Pinoccio API video from Eric on Vimeo.


Crowd-funding Survival Guide: Part 3 – During your Campaign

by Sally on

You’ve read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, right? Cool. Your campaign is now live, what can you expect? What we want is for you to be busy busy busy managing your campaign. As we discussed in Part 2, you’ve prepared canned responses to common questions, and you’re using a tool like Reamaze […]

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