Pinoccio is Moving to Crowd Supply!

by Jake Ingman on


This past March, we changed gears a bit and became Filament, where we’re focused on building a secure wireless infrastructure for the “Industrial Internet”. Since then, we’ve searched for the best path forward for Pinoccio’s open source products, customers, and community.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Pinoccio has a new home at Crowd Supply!

You can read Crowd Supply’s blog post announcing the transition.

Crowd Supply supports hardware projects through all phases of the product lifecycle, from initial funding and manufacturing, on through sales, fulfillment, and support. This makes them a perfect fit for Pinoccio, since they’ll be able to start selling Scouts immediately, and offer ongoing support.

We couldn’t be happier to be passing the torch to a company whose mission, “to be the product development platform we’d want to use for our own projects”, is matched so well to Pinoccio’s own mission, community, and ethos.

What Happens Next

As of today, the full Pinoccio product line is available for purchase immediately on Crowd Supply! They’ll be handling all ongoing product sales, fulfillment, and support. The forum and support sites will stay under the domain, at least for now.

Pinoccio’s community, software, firmware, and API will be left in the very capable hands of Pinoccio super-user David Van Duzer. David has been an active member of the Pinoccio community, and we’re lucky to have him in this role.

With Crowd Supply and David ready to take the reins, we feel great about the future of Pinoccio’s open-source hardware, and it’s kind, curious, and welcoming community.

About Filament

The transition to Filament was a direct result of Pinoccio customer feedback. Many of you wanted to build huge “industrial” wireless networks, with thousands of devices covering buildings, farms, or entire cities. We knew we could serve those kinds of customers, but not with the maker-focused products we had as Pinoccio.

And so, we became Filament. Filament’s products are focused on building exactly these kinds of large-scale “industrial internet” solutions – designed to meet the connectivity needs of new businesses, or existing legacy systems. If you need a drop-in wireless infrastructure that spans miles without cellular or wifi, find us at

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