Team Pinoccio

Eric Jennings is CTO and Co-founder of Pinoccio

Eric Jennings

CEO & Co-founder


Jeremie Miller

Jeremie Miller

CTO (advisor)


Jake Ingman handles Product Design and Development at Pinoccio

Jake Ingman

Product Design & Development


Nora Laitinen handles Production and Operations for Pinoccio

Nora Laitinen

Production & Operations

Bob Jennings handles Hardware and Production for Pinoccio

Bob Jennings

Production & Hardware

Bud Raymor handles Financial and Legal matters for Pinoccio

Bud Raymor

Financial & Legal


Alex Glowaski does Community Management and is a Maker-in-Residence for Pinoccio

Alex Glowaski

Community & Making


Ryan Day brings the API magic to Pinoccio

Ryan Day

API & Magic



Nicola Kerslake

Nicola Kerslake


Dug Song

Dug Song


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