The Pinoccio API

A URL for Every Pinoccio Board

Our API creates an online home for each of your Pinoccio boards, and gives each board its own URL.

REST Endpoints, WebHooks, and WebSockets

If you’re a Web Developer, you’ll feel right at home with simple REST endpoints, WebHooks to post to your own app whenever an event occurs, or real-time interaction using WebSockets.

The Last Mile — Bridging Hardware and the Web

You can send messages to your board from the API, as well as receive messages from it. The Pinoccio API completes the “last mile” between physical hardware and the web. Of course, you’re not locked into using Pinoccio’s API server. Program your board to connect to your own server and go nuts! We want to make sure it’s dead-easy to get your board talking to the web, and the Pinoccio API is the fastest and easiest way to do it.

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